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Restaurant Furniture Solutions

Restaurant owners should not overlook the importance of interior design for their restaurant. The overall “taste” of your restaurant’s interior should match the brilliant taste of your menu. In an already crowded industry, the goal is to not only stand out above the competition but to establish your restaurant’s brand through its design and image. This is fact, that the interior design of a restaurant is one of the major factors that influences customer satisfaction. Does the customer feel as good as the food tastes while being in your restaurant? To get customers raving about your food, you have to get them through the door first. The design of your restaurant is what will attract restaurant go-ers near and far.

RFP Design Group is the place for place for custom restaurant furniture, tables, chairs, and bar stools. For your restaurant, you can choose from our great selection or work with our knowledgeable staff and choose to custom build your own. When you consider the design of your restaurant menu, carry your concept through to the interior design and layout of the room, it should all remain consistent. You want your customers to be greeted at the door with the sights and feels that are well suited for your type of restaurant. Discuss these plans with you interior design expert at RFP, our staff is experienced specifically in restaurant and entertainment solutions and can guide your every step of the way to making your vision come to life. Some notable clients of RFP in the restaurant and bar industry are: Jack Astors, The Chase Restaurant, Casey’s, The Goodson, Scarmouche, and more.

Set the tone while you’re working on your restaurant concept.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Fast Food
  • Casual
  • Elegant
  • Modern
  • Small and Intimate
  • Large and Noisy
  • Casual
  • Indoor/Outdoor

At RFP Design Group, our custom furniture pieces are manufactured in factories owned and operated by RFP, right here in Canada. Because we own our factories, we are better able to maintain the standard of quality that our clients rely on as well as pass on factory direct prices to our clients. Our interior design team’s expertise goes beyond decorating. Through comprehensive training and experience, RFP Design Group commands skills in interior space planning, adhering to building codes, fire regulations applicable to the use of different fabric and finishes on the furniture, floor plans, environmental initiative, and more. It’s these qualities that also makes our lead time the best in the industry,

Our Restaurant Furniture Solutions include:

  • Soft seating lounge furniture
  • Benches
  • Booth seating
  • Custom drapery
  • Hostess welcome stand
  • Reception desk
  • Custom bar stools and dining chairs
  • Custom built bar, dining, and cafe tables
  • Furniture repair, reupholstering, or refinishing
  • Private dining areas
  • Patio dining areas
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional project management
  • Budget development
  • Space planning
  • Concept & Theme Development
  • Colour Scheme Development
  • Image & Brand Identity through design

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