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The Request

This project is a collaboration between the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens  and Cara Operations., attached to the Bell Centre where the Montreal Canadiens play.

The design was by New York based Rockwell Group and featured three levels with over 25,000 square feet of space and accommodates 1000 guests making it the largest restaurant/ bar & lounge venues of its kind in Canada.

The Challenge 

The challenge with this project was communication and scale. The project was being delivered and installed in Montreal, manufactured in Toronto, and designed in NYC. There was a language barrier, and incomplete interior drawings.

The scale of the project included 6 bars, 25 + independent banquettes , 400 linear feet of fixed banquettes, suspended architectural features, 15 point of sale units. The timeline was extremely tight and to add to that problem there was a major quebec union strike during construction. The scale stayed the same, the tight deadline became shorter to make the start of the NHL season.

The Solution

We employed a key account manager to handle each and every detail of this project. Our production facility held weekly meetings with all sub-contractors to execute this project on time. We stationed a site manager full time in Montreal to keep on pace to meet the delivery date.

RFP production plant completed all goods on time, in great working order and fulfilled the required opening date. Our key account manager was critical to the success of this project, as they lead the communication initiative to all stakeholders on the project.

This project was a crash course in effective communication. It was our first experience where english was not the primary language on site, and we overcame that by being clear, concise and fair. We are proud to be the key furniture supplier for the Taverne 1909 Montreal and Laval (soon to open 2018)

The Result 

The project finished on time, looks incredible and is Montreal’s hottest spot for a saturday night. The customer was thrilled with our execution RFP was awarded the 2nd location of Taverne 1909 located in Laval.


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