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Posted by on 22 Aug 2017

In the business world, entrepreneurs are often advised to see what the customer sees.  This statement is not limited to the products and service offerings of the business, but also the impression that’s made by the office accommodation when people walk into the office space for the first time.  This often what will elevate one business above its competition.

For instance, an open-concept office environment tends to evoke more interest and trust in prospective buyers or clients with their ability to view the business functioning in a raw state. A business’s interior landscape, layout, design, style, and use of technology will represent the company’s core elements and leave an impression with visitors of the quality of business they can expect. However, it is reasonable to think that even in a contemporary office, that practicality and functionality for those working in this environment would be most essential.

The idea of an open-office concept, aside from being highly modern in its minimalistic design is to boost communications and collaboration amongst staff as well as displaying superior style. On the contrary, it can also lead to distractions, higher noise level, and a total lack of privacy.  In this instance, soundproofing the office space with acoustical wall and ceiling panels is a simple solution that would benefit immeasurably to the functionality for staff and offer an enhanced impression for visitors.

Soundproofing is essentially the ‘mute button’ to shut off outside noise, traffic, the constant flow of conversations, and the clickety-clack of office supplies. It’s the perfect antidote for fewer distractions and boosting productivity in order work towards better results at the end of each day.

Soundproofing a Boardroom


Phone Operative Pools: Call centres, receptionists, and banks are examples of businesses that can deliver a high volume of background noise which can negatively impact the productivity of the staff working in these environments. Office equipment and machinery can add to the noise level. Acoustical paneling between partitions can significantly reduce noise, echo, and improve the quality of sound in many different spaces by absorbing sound into the fabric wall panels.

Medical Offices: Confidentiality and patient privacy is imperative and is also required by law. Conversations between doctors and patients, including the use of medical tools and equipment can be heard from one room to the next. Doctors, dentists, nursing stations, waiting areas, exam rooms, and mental health providers are all areas that can benefit from a soundproofed environment to maintain the integrity of both the medical staff and its patients.

Conference Rooms: Common office environments are not private, every business needs internal boundaries free from the possibility of eavesdropping. The conference room is typically the area of the office that is used for conducting crucial business transactions with prospective buyers or clients thus, the desire for precise, high-level soundproofing designs is key. Again, acoustical paneling is particularly the top choice for the purpose because not only is this method highly effective for stopping sound from travelling, the panels can be crafted into all shapes, sizes and densities.

Confidentiality: Soundproofing will support your business needs to discuss disciplinary, legal, financial matters, product developments, and other trade secrets meant to be kept private and confidential. Privacy is a two-way street, the same technology used to impede sound from entering a room is the same technology that will moderate the sound from leaking out from the room.
Open-concept Lobbies and Reception areas: Acoustical panels are often seen in open-concept lobby areas in the form of contemporary art which also works as a sound solution. The ceiling and wall panels are installed in a manner similar to a photo frame being hung so it appears clean and flush with the interior decor of the space. The design options are endless.

3 Things when soundproofing your office:

The technique for soundproofing a room will depend on a number of factors, one being the construction of the room. Some rooms are already constructed in a way that already works to reduce noise from inside or outside the room such as, a room that has carpeting or is built with drywall and gypsum. Rooms with hardwood or marble floors, high ceilings, and an open-concept lobby tend to carry sound throughout.


The size of the room will determine how much material will be needed and inevitably, the cost. The larger the area, the more material will be required however, choosing a soundproofing method of the highest quality should be prioritized over the cost. Acoustical panels offer a good medium between both the cost and quality while providing the best value, and is also one the more aesthetically pleasing methods out there. Choosing a lesser quality material may end up costing you more in the long-run if you have to add extra layers in the future.

The type of material needed to soundproof will depend on the direction of the sound traffic. Try to determine the outcome of the noise that’s occurring on a daily basis, find out whether the need is to reduce outside noise or improve the quality of the sound inside any given area. This will help determine the installation method, materials, and cost.
As a business owner, if you haven’t done so already, it would reasonable to at least do research on soundproofing your office space with acoustical panels as a viable option. Get quotes and discuss design ideas with professionals like RFP Design Group who can guide you through the entire process, from design straight through to installation. Bear in mind, that almost all business renovations are tax-deductible and since soundproofing is considered a renovation, there is that added tax incentive that makes it all the more desirable.
Taking all of these factors into consideration, soundproofing is a renovation job that can be completed with relatively little time, effort and cost. It will provide a great deal of peace of mind, privacy, and the edge every business needs to rise to the top.


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